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I found the cutest dog in Berlin


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For all my coolio followers who are in college and are broke as fuck like me (or just like free shit in general), you should try this one.
It’s a survey panel that lets you share your opinions about the things you buy in supermarkets and stuff and then gives you points which you could redeem for vouchers to spend on free stuff or redeem it for cash. It’s fucking free too so its cool
Only for US Citizens ages 18 above btw 
(But you can just pretty much say you’re 18 tbh like every site out there that has a age requirement lmao)
Sign up here

This one’s legit. My brother had me join this site on my first year and honestly it helped me out a lot and im still using it now to get free snacks! The best part is that they send you free food/snacks to try as well so yeah for a college student who is pretty much penniless thats a god send believe it or not 

i fucking did it


im not crying there’s just overpriced college education in my eye

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